March 1

Website is online

Launch of my personal website. It will contain a compilation of my professional activities, research projects, events, thoughts and inspirations. The aim is to provide an insight into my academic view on logistics aimed at both research colleagues and practitioners.
February 1

Guest Professor at University of Antwerp

Since February 2019, I am appointed as guest professor at the University of Antwerp where I take the responsibility to teach courses on ‘discrete event simulation’ and ‘ICT in Supply Chain Management’.

October 23

Assistant Professor in Operations Research

I am appointed as Assistant Professor at the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (MUSBE), The Netherlands. Here, I am embedded in the operations research group, headed by prof. dr. C.P.M. Van Hoesel.

June 1

Research Visit – University of Maryland

From June until August, I enjoyed a three-month post-doc research visit to the Robert H. Smith School of Business (University of Maryland, US). This very valuable experience resulted in a joint research project on logistics planning under uncertainty.

May 16

PhD in Applied Economics

Obtained the degree of Doctor in Applied Economics (Antwerp Operations Research Group ANTOR, headed by prof. dr. Kenneth Sörensen).

During my research project on horizontal logistics collaboration I worked on the development of decision support tools for joint logistics optimisation in a multi-partner setting. This involves the construction of shared vehicle routes, the design of optimal coalition configurations and the inclusion of fair cost (or profit) allocation mechanisms. I developed state-of-the-art optimisation frameworks that can account for individual partner preferences while maximizing synergy creation and coalition efficiency.

June 30

Msc in Business Engineering

Graduated as Msc in Business Engineering at the University of Antwerp.